Eminem/The Punisher


We go from the Mona Lisa of comics to the Kim Kardashian of comics. Today I had the misfortune of reading Eminem/The Punisher. I hope to prevent anyone on the planet that is the least bit curious about the contents of this stain on the comics industry from having to endure 18 pages of pure agony.



The Good:

You have to look hard but there is some good in this comic. That good is the art work. Pretty solid work from Salvador Larroca. It evoked images of classic Punisher comics and he did one heck of a job in his image of Eminem. The locations are wonderfully drawn.

The Bad:

Where to start? The story is the most implausible piece of trash I have had the misfortune of reading. Eminem comes across as a caricature of himself. I mean, what music artist during regular conversation would repeat lyrics to his own songs? Also, why would a multi-Platinum music artist pull a gun on anyone and attempt to kill them? Yeah some music artists have guns. Eminem himself had troubles with the law early in his career after he had an argument with someone that was talking with his ex or something like that. (I am not his biographer and don’t feel like taking the time to find out what happened cause who the hell cares?)

Also, the bit where Eminem was thrown off a boat in the Arctic and just walks across the frozen water happening to run across the one fisherman who happens to be a big fan of his and also happens to have a chainsaw was just too damn convenient. A deus ex machina of I ever saw one.

Eminem’s “friend” in the story is about as realistic as a porn star’s physique. Why would trailer trash like Eminem know someone who suddenly became a mercenary for hire? A gang banger I could understand. An international mercenary, not so much, especially when the character is presented as having the intelligence of a slug.

Bottom Line:

AVOID THIS COMIC! This is the type of vanity project that makes the comic industry look bad. Similar to professional wrestling clowns, issues like this do nothing but make the average person shake their head in shame and move on to something else to read. I give the story a 0. The artwork is probably the only redeeming quality of the work. But it is far from being enough to redeem this steaming turd of a comic. I give the artwork a 7.

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