Secret Invasion #1



The Good:

The next entry in the Secret Invasion story line brings us to the first comic labeled Secret Invasion. I loved how the tension in this particular comic was more of a natural build compared to the last comic. It felt more real, like it could actually happen somewhere other than in a comic or a movie. They also did a great job in building up the mistrust among the teams more. One issue I was having over the last couple issues was the fact that it seemed both teams were getting awfully cozy with each other awfully quick if one, they had had two recent fights against each other and two, there were aliens in their mist copying them in order to sow discord. There had to me more mistrust among the players involved with just the faintest of hopes that one last shred of trust would be earned to prove they could trust each other.

Little character moments really shone through as well, especially with Spider-Man being his ever usual sarcastic self. If anyone has a good grasp on what makes these characters tick it’s Brian Bendis. None of the dialogue in this issue seemed forced or out of character.

The slow reveal of the sheer amount of sleeper Skrull agents was well played as well. Unlike the previous comic, the reveals felt more realistic. I could believe this was happening which was enough for me to enjoy what was going on. It didn’t strike me as out of character for the reveals of each of the sleeper Skrulls to make their appearance.

My hopes going forward are that some of the mistrust will be laid to rest. We need to get to a point where the true heroes need to step up and start trusting each other so they can begin to fight off the Skrull invasion. Now we’re only five issues in to a 98 issue affair so it may be a bit before this happens but to me it needs to happen soon. One thing I am seeing among these separate issues is that they end up treading a lot of the same ground, saying the same message in different ways which gets real repetitive.

The artwork was pretty good in this issue. It had the classic feel without some of the sloppiness I see in some comics today. Granted, some of the close ups of some characters ended up getting messy. This particular artist does better with wide shots and showing depth in exteriors which you don’t see often in comics today.

The Bad:

The setup at the beginning where we see some explanation from the Skrulls as to what the hell is going on was too short and made no sense. Maybe it’s because there are other issues not in the suggested reading order that could fill in some of the back story but if that is the case, Marvel should have added them to the list to read. You should not be having to sit back at this point wondering what the motivations for the antagonists are. Apart from the one page we get this issue, we’re supposed to not like them simply because they are showing up. I want to know why and I am not getting those answers.

Other little things were annoying to. Such as, how the hell could the New Avengers steal a quinjet from Tony Stark so easy? It was like a 16 year old stealing the car keys from his Mom. You would think a multi-billionaire in charge of the defenses of Earth would have a little more security then what I have for my house which is jack shit.

Speaking of that, Natasha Romanov was treated horribly in this issue. For a super spy of her caliber how in the blue hell was she taken down so easily? They’ve built her up to be such a bad ass that the ease at which the New Avengers tie her up to steal the quinjet is just insulting and completely out of character. She was not even needed for that particular scene if they were going to take her out as easily as they did. They could have had some random no name guard be tied up and it would make a little more sense.

Bottom Line:

This was certainly better than the last issue but it has shared some of the weaknesses the story has encountered ever since I started reading it. Repetition! Too many things are happening over and over again and it is getting annoying. They need to move on to further the story before it loses me. While I think this story was not bad by any stretch, Marvel is losing me with their suggested reading order. Maybe if I just read this particular line of comics I would have enjoyed it more. But with the others I have read with this story line, I have to give the story a 5.

The art was not mind blowing but it was much better than other issues. More focused and including the scope I love to see in exterior shots, there wasn’t too much mess to distract you. The biggest complaint I have is the close ups which are still pretty messy. But since that is the only real complaint I have, I have to give the art a 6.

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