The Mighty Avengers #15



The Good:

The issue came to a merciful end quickly.

The Bad:

This was painful to get through. Just painful in all regards. The story was more repetition from each other the issues preceding it. The only difference in this issue was that we catch up with Nick Fury. We see that he’d been keeping up on the actions of everyone in our story. We’re given no reason to care other than the fact that he’s Nick Fury. Somewhere down the road he will play an important part to the story I am sure but this issue, boy did Brian Bendis test my patience.

I have really questioned whether I should continue with this story line and that is not a good sign just a few issues in. I’ve seen how this story has been adapted for other mediums, most successfully in season 2 of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes which apart from Batman: The Animated Series is my all time favorite cartoon.

Fans of this show know that this story can and will lead to quality entertainment that can make you think as well. We live in a complicated world. Our heroes are no longer the straight laced milk drinkers they were presented as when comics first appeared. They’re complicated and can make bad decisions. Some like The Punisher can also have the right intentions but choose to go about making things right in very wrong ways. Sometimes loyalties can be questioned and the actions of people you’ve worked with for many years can make you wonder whether you even know the people who profess to be your friend.

This issue presented us with none of that unless you like human on alien love (albeit unintentional). Nick Fury meets up with an asset and they commence with the one eyed love machine boogie. But Nick Fury, who has parental trust issues, follows the woman and finds out she’s a double agent. When he confronts her about it, she tries talking her way out of it before he pulls out a weapon and shoots her in the damn face. No motivation for it, just…

It may be argued that previous issues explained why Nick Fury had reason to do what he did and I don’t doubt that. I’m looking at this from a person following Marvel’s own suggested reading order for this story. If Nick Fury is supposed to be a hero, we should have been given a reason as to why he shot the woman. While it is established that Nick has some idea of the Skrull invasion since it is established that he is monitoring what is going on but again, we have no reason to believe at this point that Nick Fury knew this woman was anything but a traitorous human.

We also get an extended scene where Nick shows up on a helicarrier and speaks with Maria Hill, warning her about the Skrull invasion. While it is explained that with Nick formally holding Maria Hill’s job as director of SHIELD he would know ways to get onto and off any place he wants. I don’t buy that, at least not on his own. It was just a convenient way for him to tell Maria something he could have said by a pirated secure transmission. It tried to show that Nick is a bad ass when they didn’t really need to do what they did.

The art work is just atrocious. My youngest son could put paint on his back side and sit on a paper making better art than what this issue made. It was sloppy, rough, had no passion to it. It felt like some high school student who is way more confident in his abilities as an artist than he should be just wasting ink on page after page of pure artistic vomit.

Bottom Line:

Avoid this issue like the plague. There is no reason to read this issue. It brings nothing to the Secret Invasion story line and in fact does more to detract from it than anything. Maybe reading the back issues of this particular comic would make me appreciate it more but that is not my goal here. My goal is to read the Secret Invasion story with the suggested reading order that Marvel put out. While not every issue will be a winner, they should have made more of an effort to make each issue make sense in the fact that while multiple stories may be occurring, they have one main story they need to focus on and they are not successfully doing that. If you see this in your local comic book store, don’t even buy it. Just rip it up and throw it away (after paying for the issue because you don’t want to get arrested).


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