Captain Britain and MI13 Issue 1

captain britain


The Good:

With this issue we see that the Skrull invasion has graced the shores of Britain which makes sense if you think about it. It is silly that comic books through the years have shown numerous people trying to take over the world yet they only seem to invade America like this country is the center of the Universe or something.

We get a neat character in this story in John the Skrull Beatle. Seems a group of Skrulls came to Earth in the 1960’s and impersonated The Beatles. Paul, George, and Ringo Skrull are all dead by this point. John appears at the beginning of the comic to be in custody and close to being executed which turns out to be a ruse. He’s being used to expose members of the British cabinet that are Skrull infiltrators themselves. This Skrull is an ally of the British. The British sure like their aliens.

John the Skrull Beatle is a nice addition to this story. It adds a little depth to the Skrulls and makes them more than simply mustache twirling bad guys. What really makes me angry not only in fiction but what I see in real life is when an enemy is being made to be all bad. It’s Orwellian nonsense. I get that there are times where groups of people will band together against an enemy. I get that in America we have our fair share of enemies, most of which if anyone knew their history which is very much out there in regards to how this country has handled its foreign affairs will know is the end result of actions initially committed by us. Take America and the Middle East. Politicians from both the left and right are more than happy to demonize an entire region of people for their own gain. We have tons of people in this country who are so damn ignorant that for every legitimate bad person that is out there who SHOULD be feared, they imagine hundreds more enemies that aren’t there. They treat good people like dirt and guess what happens? Good people get angry and decide that hey, if these people don’t like me and wish me harm than I will harm them first. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If we took the time to understand the whys of what makes legitimate evil people perform evil acts than maybe we can stop ourselves from creating more enemies from people who would prefer to just live their lives.

John the Skrull Beatle is a great addition to this story because it shows that not all Skrulls are evil. It shows that despite the actions of the invading force, there are good Skrulls out there that someday will help humans and Skrulls live in peace. If only they could get past this Invasion…

The artwork is pretty solid. There’s nothing sloppy about it. The characters come off the page as if they’re real. The external locations appear to be a real place and not a set from a movie. I especially liked how Faiza the doctor was drawn and the emotions she showed when she was featured in the story.

The Bad:

Maybe it’s an American bias here but I just didn’t care for this story. I didn’t hate it but I found myself bored. I just wanted it to end. Apart from the Skrull Beatle, there was no character save Faiza the doctor who I had any interest for. We’re supposed to care for Captain Britain in this issue and he was barely featured.

They should have given us a reason to care. Why is this character important? What makes him special? I get that most likely the character has been featured in other comics from Marvel. I’m certainly familiar with the name but other than that I know nothing about him or the world he lives in. I would think that someone writing a comic would do well to keep something like that in mind. Yes, you have to please the people who’ve read every single issue of comics made by Marvel ever but that group is not as big as movies make them out to be. There are people in my position who have a deep understanding of the basics of the major characters out there but the more obscure characters they need a little primer on before we’re expected to care about them. The main fault I’ve had with comics in general is when the writer assumes the reader knows a lot more than they actually do in regards to back story. I’ve made it clear that I don’t think every comic needs to be written as if that issue is the first comic ever read by a human being ever but you can have a happy balance where back story is written into the story in such a way that one is not going to punish the reader for not knowing something and two is written in a way that entices readers to want to know more about these characters. That did not happen in this issue and it suffered greatly for it.

Bottom Line:

This comic was a chore to get through. It wasn’t a bad read or anything like that. I just found myself apathetic to what was going on. If the writer cannot make you care about the people the action in the story is happening to, anything else they do will be for naught. Maybe if the characters were referenced in other issues in the Secret Invasion story I’d have a little more interest but as it stands I have to give the story a 3.

The art work this issue was pretty good. It will not go down as the greatest artwork in comic history or anything but I don’t think that Jack Kirby was thinking about his work being the greatest thing since Mona Lisa when he was creating Captain America, The Hulk, and others. The work in this issue is drawn clean and especially for the doctor shows real emotion. I give the art a 6.

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