Incredible Hercules #117



The Good:

The art in this comic evoked a modern version of a Ray Harryhausen movie which is not a bad thing. While I had no interest in movies like Clash of the Titans growing up, I would be lying if I said movies like that weren’t imaginative in their visuals. While it may look like shit based on today’s standards for movie special effects, the movies still reminded you of the ancient Roman and Greek stories they would teach you in school, yet still be cool somehow. This art in this issue evoked that and it was nice to see.

The Bad:

My god, where to start? It’s no wonder you don’t see Hercules joining with The Avengers on the big screen because this character sucks balls. Sucks horrible balls. He’s a third rate hillbilly cousin of Thor. I hated this comic so much. I wanted to go back into time in order to get the computer the writer of this piece wrote the story on in order to destroy it with the hopes that he wouldn’t want to try writing it again.

The main thrust of this story was that the ancient gods bring together a group to fight the Skrull invasion off. Yet the writer spent so much time trying to write in the “style” of ancient deity writing that you had no clue what the hell was going on. And you had Amadeus Cho along for the ride as apparently the Beavis to Hercules Butt-Head. God I hated this comic. I hated everything about it. Fuck you Greg Pak for writing such garbage.

Bottom Line:

I am so pissed off right now. I want the time back I spent reading this horrible stain of an excuse for a comic. This is the type of comic that gives comics as a whole a bad name. Just mindless nonsense vomited out of the brain of some douche bag who wants to impress an English professor he let down years ago with stories that no one wants to read. Stay away from this comic. This comic will give her cancer and herpes if you read it. I just can’t say enough as to how bad this nonsense it. I give it a fucking 0. Fuck you Greg Pak for writing this garbage. Fuck you right in the ear.

The only redeeming value this comic has is the art. The artist does a good job of evoking the images of classic stories in the past. Hercules looks like what you would imagine Hercules looking like. It is just a crime that good art is being used to elevate pure shit like the words in this horrible comic. Fuck you again Greg Pak. I give the art a 7.

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