Hulk #1


Yet another number 1 issue, this time dealing with The Hulk. Marvel as of late it seems have been doing what television has been doing for years and having self contained stories involving their popular characters during a set issue limit. Basically, we’re getting a season involving one story that will come to a close. We’re past the time in Marvel at least where we see issues get to issue 100, 200, or 500.

This starts off with the premise that Bruce Banner has been shot in the head. A group claiming to be SHIELD takes a brain surgeon to operate on him. Turns out this doctor has a history with Bruce since they had gone to college together and he had teased him. That gives the doctor a chance to reminisce on their history together and to ask himself what he could have possibly done to have changed Bruce Banner’s path towards being the Hulk. We then learn that the people we thought were SHIELD are another group altogether looking to use the Hulk as a weapon.

I like the decision the doctor has to make. He realizes that as a doctor he has sworn to protect life at all costs but he also realizes that if the Hulk were manipulated by anyone else he’d be a dangerous weapon that could be used to kill people the world over. The conscience decision that he has to make is a great element of this story.

I also like the fact that what ultimately saves everyone is the actions of someone who had happened to be saved by the Hulk in the past. While the Hulk is certainly guilty of lots of destruction over the years, LOTS of destruction, he still ends up doing the right thing at the end of the day. It was a nice little nod to his past that helped shape the course of this story without having to rely too much on past events.

For the most part I liked how the past is used to service the story at hand. While you do have to have a base knowledge of the Marvel Universe as a whole coming in to simply know some of the basics like The Hulk himself or SHIELD and the members of SHIELD we encounter like Coulson and Maria Hill, this does not stop you from enjoying the story at hand. What I would have liked to see though was a little more explanation as to how and why Bruce Banner was shot. I have no clue as to what was going on so I did feel a little lost at the start of the story.

The artwork was pretty solid. The locations appeared quite small which did hold back from the believe-ability of the story at hand. It’s my biggest complaints with comics as a whole. The story needs to feel big. It needs to feel like it is taking place in a real location. Yeah, not all stories need Sergio Leone type of locations to be included in it but it does need to feel real. The main location for this story, the hospital room where the Hulk was being operated upon, felt like a set which, hey, I’ve watched enough television over the years to suspend disbelief but it did throw me a bit.

Bottom Line:

This is a good start. You do feel a little lost if you don’t know some of the hows and whys as to how the Hulk was shot but that shouldn’t take away your enjoyment of the this issue. A strong majority of the issue dealing with back story is used to enhance the story at hand. I give this story a strong 6.

The biggest issue most folks have with comics is the sheer volume of stories told over the years. You don’t know where to start. You also fall into the trap of starting at a certain point only to find out the greatest friend a comic book writer ever had, Captain Ret-Con, can change elements of stories that you may like, such as writers deciding Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker should no longer be married. (Oops. Spoiler.) Much like the television show Doctor Who as well as the mother of all great modern television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, comics today, mainly the stories coming from companies with characters who have been around for many years, should focus on having a series be a finite set of issues, a season involving one story if you will. The next season can reference what happens in the previous season if it wishes but letting a comic line for a character like the Hulk go past fifty issues at the very most will just intimidate people and keep them from diving into the story. I am not saying back story should be done away with. As was done in this story, the history of characters can be used to great effect to further the story at hand. The thing is the average reader should not have to take a college course just to get a primer on the action at hand.

The art work, while average, does not really disappoint. It’s not sloppy like some comics like to do today which is nice. My biggest issue has to do with the locations in the story. It comes across like it is being filmed or drawn if you will on a sound stage. I like depth in the scenery of my stories. For that, I have to give the artwork a 6 as well. It was good, it served its purpose, but it is easily forgettable.

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