Nutmeg #1


To the average person comic books are one thing. Super heroes. And while a large portion of comics, at least the portion that the big companies want to put out their in the public eye, are in fact the super hero variety, comics are much more diverse than that. Pretty much any type of genre you can think of can be made into a successful comic because comics can add little bits of flair…

to your work.

Thanks to Comic Blitz I found a nice story called Nutmeg. It’s about a girl named Cassia who is new to Mason Montgomery High School. She makes friends with Poppy. They make their way through the travails all kids go through in school by dealing with the silly bake sales and the cliques you always encounter.

I really dug the reality of the story. What do I mean? Whether it be moving from grade school to middle school or actually transferring to a different school like Cassia in the story, everyone has had that stage where they are the awkward newbie. Where you are the outsider looking in on the pre-established cliques the kids have already made for themselves. Most, like myself, react like Poppy in the story. You don’t want to rock the boat because rocking the boat simply means you have more trouble waiting for you at the end of the day. But in the back of your mind you think like Cassia. Wouldn’t it be nice to give the leader of the bullies their comeuppance?

The very first page of the book is what I assume is the actual end of the story. We see the two main characters in a police car. That, along with the pictures of Cassia in a pantry staring at baking ingredients, it is safe to assume that the girls do something silly with the brownie sale that is mentioned in the story. Near the end of the story, Cassia states that she has an allergy to nutmeg and then viola, she hatches a plan. It was a great way for the story to feel like a self contained story while also teasing you for what future issues will hold. It’s a slow building story but it is slow in the right way. We have had a tease as to what the future will hold for the characters in question but the build to get there will make the ending so much better.

The tease itself is great. Too often you see bits of story revealed in such a haphazard way that it either ruins what you’re about to read or is so incomprehensible that you really don’t want to proceed with reading it. In four simple frames we see all we need to see about the characters we are about to meet and what will eventually happen to them.

At the end of the issue the creators have a little blurb from the creators about the comic. In it, they describe the story in what was called an elevator pitch as Betty and Veronica meet Breaking Bad. So far I can see it. We’re getting the Betty and Veronica vibe in the relationship between the two girls as well as the artwork. Just like in Breaking Bad, the build to the eventual crimes is a slow build but so far, they’re building to the craziness quite nicely.

The art does great in establishing the tone of the story. This first issue is set up to detail their normal high school lives and the art does a great job in showing off the normalcy of their lives. One little bit of work the art did which I thought was great was wait until the very last panel to show Cassia having an evil little glint in her eye. Yeah she was pissed at the main bully of the issue earlier but that glint. Little details like this make the artwork in this issue contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the story.

Bottom Line:

I definitely recommend reading this comic. Yeah the audience for the comic may not necessarily be geared toward 39 year old balding men like myself. But the beauty of stories like this, and stories like Harry Potter, are the fact that they can appeal to anyone and everyone. Last I checked, I was never a teenage girl. But the story presents itself in such a way that regardless of your age, gender, whatever, you can find something to relate to in this story.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my wife recently about Tyler Perry. She loves his movies. I think, well, let’s just say I don’t. The reason being Tyler Perry makes his movies for one particular audience and one audience alone. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. But that can and will date your story once your audience decides to move on. The best stories are the stories that, regardless of the subject matter and what is starring in the story, everyone can relate to it. This comic accomplishes this in spades. Again, find this comic on Comic Blitz or head to Action Lab Comics website (both have links at the bottom of the page) and buy this comic.

The art work goes a lot toward making an already enjoyable story that much better. I found myself reminiscing to my high school years and what it was like dealing with bullies. Bullies are everywhere in life and sometimes you can’t outrun them but damn am I glad I am not in high school anymore. The joy I felt when Cassia had the seed for her plan to get back at her bullies made me quite happy with vindictive glee. I can’t wait to see what happens. Again, great work and an enjoyable experience all around.

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