The Avengers #170


Back to the Korvac saga! We see Captain America working out and Beast pops in to have a conversation with him. They talk a bit about an interaction that Cap had with the Scarlet Witch where she called him out for not contributing to the team. He’s playing the macho role of working out his anger and embarrassment by some sort of physical activity.

From there Iron Man shows up and asks to speak with Cap alone. Cap talks a moment about a machine that Tony Stark had built before they discuss the argument they had in issue #168. Iron Man ends up apologizing for his distracted loyalties and promises to be better. Cap also apologizes a bit. An interesting bit of action here was Tony Stark coming close, oh so close, to admitting to Captain America his identity which under the circumstances would have resolved so much unnecessary tension that hiding their identities have caused. Why they couldn’t pull the trigger and have him reveal his identity is beyond me.

From there we get another glimpse of Hawkeye as he calls the mansion to tell The Scarlet Witch what happened with him and the Two Gun Kid on the train. He says he’s in Colorado at this point. Scarlet Witch says they can be there within an hour which is laughable even with access to a private jet. Hawkeye says no, he wants to be back at the mansion to have Tony Stark’s computers aid in finding him. That’s all well and good but they do mention later in the comic that Hawkeye would be back at the mansion soon. Maybe the late 70’s were different but I cannot imagine a regular airplane getting from Colorado to New York City in under an hour even when traveling in first class. The sense of time the Might Marvel writers have in regards to travel is ludicrous at its best.

Next we’re off to Attilan, home of the InHumans, where Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver is enjoying a moonlit night with the woman of his dreams. While they talk about his happiness, he disappears. These disappearances of characters is definitely an intriguing aspect of the story and something I want to see followed up on but the scenes themselves are so short that you’re in and out of it before you have a chance to know what the hell is going on. Yeah, you know that Korvac must have something to do with it but at this point we’re just seeing them disappear in a page of action, in this particular case just a couple of panels, and you’re expected to know what is happening. This is just wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t have to take a whole comic to explain it but some shot of a bad guy looking on a collection of our heroes after he transported them would be enough to keep me quiet on this. You know it must have SOMETHING to do with the story. The point it WHAT does it have to do with it?

Yellow Jacket, the former Ant-Man, and The Wasp arrive at the mansion with a special delivery. Jocasta, the android completed by Ultron to be his bride. Seems in a previous issue, The Avengers stopped Ultron from taking Janet Pym’s life force and placing it into Jocasta’s metal frame. Well, turns out all that action was for no real reason because Jocasta wakes up and has the voice of The Wasp anyway. There a mad rush to stop her but out of nowhere Iron Man and Captain America let her escape. Then Thor arrives talking about being away for a long time and getting back just in time which throws others for a loop because they’d recently seen him when the Guardians of the Galaxy first arrived. Iron Man and Captain America seem to already know about Jocasta and what her plans are and are simply looking to track her. Which is all fine and good if there had been some scene, even a simple panel, describing how Iron Man and Captain America know she is in the building and what her purpose was. SOMETHING would have been nice. Just showing up acting like they know everything just felt more convenient than anything. Now the Thor revelation is a little more intriguing. Thor was just there with them two issues ago. Why is he talking about being away for awhile? Is he a life model decoy? Is he simply an impostor sent by Korvac? I want to know more.

You’re left with a lot more questions than answers when you finish this issue. That’s not a bad thing when it’s executed well. In this case, most of the questions resolve around what the hell is going on. We see once again characters suddenly knowing everything that is going on when previously they were not even in the scene. We have definitely intriguing scenes of major characters that are disappearing but they’re so short in execution that we have no real emotion apart from confusion to experience. There are some definite good events happening in the story that make me want to read the next issue, the execution of it is so damn poor that it’s taking the fun out of reading the story. While some may argue that this is how comics were written back in the day, I counter with the fact that bad writing is bad writing, no matter the era. While books my not be written like Oliver Twist in today’s day and age, there is no denying the fact that Oliver Twist is a classic book. From first page to last you have a compelling story where everything is done for a reason and everything makes sense. Here, while you have a good idea for a story, there’s not been a lot of thought in making sure that it’s put on paper correctly.

Bottom Line:

There are some intriguing elements in regards to the Korvac Saga in this issue but once again we have a weak story. There are good moments for sure but you’re expected to just accept a lot of stuff that once you think about it makes no damn sense. While you could argue that it is one chapter in a longer story, they could still make sure this chapter was able to properly advance the story which this one did not. You have to get through this and it will be over quick but man, James Shooter and George Perez should have known better.

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