Venom #7


We’re back to the Venom sub plot of Spider Island. In what is a culmination of the previous issue of Venom as well as the other issues in the Spider Island story, we start off with Venom confronting Anti-Venom at a cathedral in town. The Queen is still with The Jackal anticipating her quick take over of the world. Reed Richards is confronted with a possible quick solution to the spider crisis at hand. It’s the type of story that only Canon Films from the 80’s would love! Just add Charles Bronson with a machine gun and you have a great action story! And don’t forget the boobs.

The whole Venom verses Anti-Venom story was just plain confusing. Flash is sent to get Anti-Venom to help heal the sick masses of their spider disease. Flash attempts to take him down by force despite the fact that Anti-Venom is actively trying to actually save people. I mean, if Eddie Brock is looking to be a good guy here, you would think he would know by know where the good guys hang out. Avengers Mansion is not exactly a secret underground facility. The Baxter Building is not a hidden place that keeps the fact that the Fantastic Four reside there. There were plenty of opportunities for Anti-Venom to make his intentions known without acting like an old sixties burnout suffering from one too many acid flashbacks.

For Flash, it’s been established that he’s been having some issues controlling the suit but none so far in the story to indicate that the suit has taken over. He’s had some unique thoughts that were not entirely his own, thoughts from the suit more than anything, but he’s never been to the point in the story where it appears that the suit is taking over. Yeah, there are definite signs that he is slowly losing it I will grant you that but he’s not been presented as being out of control in the story so far.

I loved the allusions to drug use that Anti-Venom was using in regards to the effects the Venom suit could have on a person. You really get the impression that Eddie Brock is looking to atone for his sins, knowing full well what the Venom suit could make a person do. It also is great foreshadowing to what I presume will be the ultimate do or die moment for Flash Thompson. If the Venom suit could turn someone like Eddie Brock insane, you have to wonder what it would do to Flash Thompson. Me thinks this comic is not one that will last for years and years because with a dangerous suit that is intent on consuming everything that makes him Flash.

The last part I really loved about this issue was Flash making up with his father. As someone who has had a, shall we say unique, relationship with his parents I totally get why Flash waited until the last moment to go to his father’s bedside. Hell, as a parent myself I ponder what my relationship to my kids will be when they grow up and I grow old. The toughest lesson a kid learns is that their parents are not superheros. They’re people, people who sometimes make the wrong decisions. Flash’s father apparently was a drunk who was not the nicest parent around which would explain why he was a bully to Peter in high school, why he latched onto Spider-Man as a hero, and why he continues to feel the need to make amends for his actions that, while certainly not nice in high school, are nothing compared to what bullying is like today. But in a way that’s an admirable trait for someone who used to be a tormentor. His desire to make positive change. How the Venom suit will change that is something we shall see in future issues.

The artwork was a hot mess. Something about Venom to me always screamed the need for having a steady hand drawing the character. When you get someone who wants to experiment some with the design, you have the wavy ink blot mess you see in this issue. The only praise I have to give the piece regards Flash visiting his father in the hospital. The emotion on Flash Thompson’s face when his father passes and the gentle touch of Betty Brant in comfort makes the previous pages crimes all but forgotten. This is how you draw for comics.

Bottom Line:

This is flawed but for how it resolves itself, you would be remiss if you ignored this comic. There are a couple great pieces of ideas tossed around in the story which are explored pretty well, both with the allusions to drug use in regards to the Venom suit as well as how Flash reacts to his father’s passing. The emotion of the piece far outshines any sort of failings the other part of the story has. If they could have removed The Avenger’s involvement in the main story and included more of Flash Thompson and Eddie Brock, I can only imagine how much more improved my opinion of the overall story would be. The Avengers involvement is really pointless. If you removed them now the story would not be affected in the slightest. Yeah, we’re in the Marvel Universe. We know The Avengers are there. Having a character just mention that they are assisting with the trouble would have been good enough for me if it gave the writer the chance to spend more time diving into such rich characters like Flash Thompson and Eddie Brock. While I am not don yet with the story, it sure seems a waste.

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