Wolverine #8

Comic books are riddled with deaths. From Uncle Ben, Bucky, Superman, and others, important characters have ended up on the wrong side of something and have bit the dust. Apart from Uncle Ben, the part about death when it comes to comic books is that you shouldn’t expect a character to necessarily remain dead. That’s the beauty of the genre. What once was lost can be brought back again.

That leads us to Wolverine. Marvel wrapped in 2014 the Death of Wolverine storyline. I questioned why they would want to take out a character that is as popular with comic fans as he is with casual fans. Yeah, I fully expect him to be back at some point snick snicking his way through bad guys with his adamantium claws but what brought Marvel to this point? While I understand that Marvel and 20th Century Fox have had their issues since Fox has the movie rights to the X-Men (and subsequently Wolverine) characters and universe, when you have a character like Wolverine who probably rivals Spider-Man for name recognition among the general public, why kill him off? This must be one heck of a story for them to be running with it. I had to check it out myself.

The first thing I really appreciated was the fact that despite this starting pretty much in the middle of an existing story, the writers made every effort to make this feel like the beginning of something big. We are clued in as first time readers (which I am for this particular story) as to what brought us to this point and some of the characters that are involved but we don’t have to have in depth knowledge of any back story to get a full understanding of what is happening in this issue. In fact, they did a pretty damn good job of making sure that the issue of mortality was front and center. The story from the previous issues really brings the reason why we’re here, seeing the beginning of the end of a character we all love, to the forefront.

I get the feeling that we are probably going to have a chance to see Logan reflect on his life throughout this story. He meets up with Death in the story (in the Marvel universe, Death is very much a real person. I don’t know this as of yet but I suspect that Death will be the same women who Thanos lusted after in The Infinity Gauntlet) and is started on a journey that will most likely bring him back to some past adventures. He’s on an island where he meets up with Death who happens to have a statue of Wolverine with the real skulls of his victims, friends, and families.

I do have to say that I just didn’t care for the side story too much in this story. Not that I wanted it to focus solely upon Wolverine but most of the story focused on a character named Pinch. Seems that in previous issues, Pinch had been a love interest of Wolverine all while they both were in a group headed by a guy named Offer. (Wolverine was undercover in the group for SHIELD.) Again, my problem wasn’t with the inclusion of this story in the issue but there should have been more focus on the character whose name is on the cover of the comic.

I really enjoyed the art in this issue. Reminiscent of classic superhero stories, it was simply well drawn, showcasing the emotions in the characters while showcasing the action in a story in a logical way that only comics can do. The training scene with Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Shang Chi had some great action lines when Iron Fist and Shang Chi were whipping on Wolverine.

Bottom Line:

While not a perfect issue, it was one of the best openings of a major event story that Marvel has put out that I have read. I get a real sense of a beginning in this issue which in other stories I have read like Secret Invasion or Spider Island I did not quite get. We get a real sense that we are on the start of a fateful journey that will see a character we all know and love battle through hell itself just to get to a long awaited end.

I want to see how Marvel pulls this off. I am under no expectations that this death will be permanent. If it isn’t, what device will they use that will allow future writers to get Wolverine back into the world of the living? If they happen to decide to do something foolish and keep this character dead, what finality will they bring upon him that will keep him dead forever.


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