Episode 157: Folsom Prison Blues Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of Friends Talking Nerdy, The Reverend Tracy and I spoke on a few topics.  In this thread, I’ll be posting some information, whether it be follow up thoughts or links to other sites, about the topics we discussed in this episode. This thread may be updated on occasion, so feel free to check back regularly. To listen to our latest episode, click here.

We started off discussing the return of the Friends Talking Nerdy website. Then, we provided an update on The Battle For State Supremacy II. As of this writing, The Reverend Tracy is slightly ahead, but there is still time to vote.

We discussed television shows we’ve been watching recently. I brought up the new HBO Max documentary Tina.

I also discussed the HBO Max documentary series, Q: Into The Storm.

The Reverend discussed the show Forged In Fire.

She also discussed the Hulu show, Solar Opposites.

We closed the show discussing prison reform. As we stated on the show, we are NOT experts on the subject. The purpose of bringing up the topic was to start a discussion on a subject that people routinely ignore. We encourage everyone to do research on your own. People that do bad things deserve to ‘do their time’ for their crimes. Yet we as a society need to examine how we treat people in the criminal justice system. If the system causes more problems than it fixes, why not make the changes needed that makes it the rehabilitation process it is supposed to be?

  1. ACLU Policy Priorities For Prison Reform
  2. The documentary 13th from director Ava DuVernay

3. Defund The Police is more than a slogan. Click the link for more information of what this movement means.

4. Article from the ACLU about how Defunding The Police will help our communities.

5. Prison Culture blog. There is invaluable material on this site.

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