Episode 159: Pour Some Sugar On Me Episode Notes

On this episode of Friends Talking Nerdy, The Reverend Tracy and Tim Jousma were joined by special guest Pixie, host of the podcast Next On Stage One.
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Episode 155: You Know My Name Show Notes

On this week’s episode of Friends Talking Nerdy, The Reverend Tracy and I spoke on a few topics. In this thread, I’ll be posting some information, whether it be follow up thoughts or links to other sites, about the topics we discussed in this episode. This thread may be updated on occasion, so feel free to check back regularly. To listen to our latest episode, click here.

Jomo And The Possum Posse have a new EP on the way titled Self Quarantine. We have discussed that band’s work on the show before, as heard on Episode 99 (Take A Number, Satan) and Episode 118 (Let’s Ride, Boys), and as before, their work continues to delight. Head to their website for info on how to purchase their work.

We discussed the tragic shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. It is beyond time for gun reform to happen in America. This website has some information about the impact gun violence has in this country.

The Reverend Tracy has joined a wonderful organization called The Hero’s Circle. Take time out of your day to check out that organizations mission to see how you can help. The Reverend also recommends checking out Victim To Hero as well.

Lastly, we discussed our thoughts on the HBO Max documentary, Allen V. Farrow. During our talk, we discussed the skepticism certain people in the documentary had toward Parental Alienation Syndrome, which was first brought to light by Doctor Richard Gardner. Check out this link which provides a detailed response to some of the criticisms to Doctor Gardner’s work. As always, we do not proclaim to be experts on this subject and welcome any and all honest and genuine discussion on this topic, so sound off below.

Thank you for listening!