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Silk #1

Silk 1

The first inclination someone on my part would have been to start with either a classic story or to start with a character that everyone knows. One thing about comics as of late that I have thought of was the fact that there were not that many female leads in comics. The main character in the Marvel universe that people are aware of is Black Widow and that’s simply due to Scarlett Johansson giving that character an amazing interpretation. So I wanted to start with a female character I knew nothing about. I found Silk.

Silk is Cindy Moon. In the Marvel universe, she was bitten by the same spider that bit one Peter Parker. The difference was that someone kidnapped her and kept her locked up for over a decade until Spider-man found and freed her. This comic is the start of her solo adventures.

Here is a quick summary of the issue. (http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Silk_Vol_1_1) To start with the positives I enjoyed the story. I came into it with no knowledge at all of Cindy Moon and her role in Spider-man’s life. I liked how the story introduced me to the character in a way that encouraged me to keep the page turning. With so many characters out there to choose from a writer has to bring the goods from the start to get people interested in not only reading the issue the reader has in their hands but to continue to spend their money to read the further adventures of the character. I liked how previously established characters like Spider-man and Black Cat felt natural to the story and not shoe horned in just to have a name or two people recognized just to boost sales.

On the flip side, there felt like there was a lot going on that wasn’t really addressed. I get that comics tell stories over many issues. When you read a particular issue it’s one piece of a long story. But this issue did feel at times like you were supposed to already know most of what was going on such as who kidnapped Cindy, what the dynamic with her family was like, the relationship she had with her roommate and co-worker. Sometimes a storyteller can get away with throwing stuff at you without the audience having to fully know everything that is going on. Star Wars Episode Four did this perfectly. There was a lot going on but in the end the basic story was easy to follow. This story was not good in this regard. It needed some more time to flesh out the initial story which with only twenty some pages per issue to work with you only have so much time to get the reader to where you want them to in issue one.

The art work was all right. It wasn’t something that would ever be held in such regard as the comics of ages past but it was sufficient for the story. The cover for the issue was great, almost serving as a movie poster. It told you a lot about the character without a word of dialogue. The art for the story seemed a little rushed. It seems like a mish mash of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s and Japanese anime which is just not my style. Granted, my feeling when it comes to comics or animation is that as long as the story is gripping, the animation can be stick figures for all I care so while I didn’t care for the art apart from the cover, it wasn’t such a distraction that it kept me from enjoying the story.


I liked this issue, flaws and all. While I do feel it could have done MUCH better in presenting a much more fleshed out story, it planted enough seeds that I am interested in reading issue two (whenever Marvel decides to release issue two on the Marvel Unlimited App). In regards to the story I give it a 7. It was a solid introduction that keeps you intrigued enough to want to know more. It could have done better to have the story in this particular issue be more fleshed out. The art I would give a 5. I didn’t much care for it but it didn’t distract me from the story so it is what it is. If you see this in your comic store or are thinking of downloading it, I think you may enjoy it.

And there came a day, unlike any other…


I’ve had a blog of some sort for close to a decade now. The great thing about the internet is that the average joe has a vessel to discuss anything that comes to their mind. Absolutely anything.

Now sometimes that can produce hilarious results, whether intentional or not. What it can also do is present results that make people angry. Take politics, one passion of mine. This subject has the ability to make someone angry over any issue under the political realm. What may be no big deal to me is passion point number one for someone else. For a while I had tried to write about my thoughts on politics, sometimes with decent results, sometimes not so much. The more I would write however the more I became disillusioned about how politics is treated in general. Not that political topics should not be discussed but too often, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t done this, people base their opinions on emotion and if you challenge them, too often than not you’d find yourself being barraged with links to websites that are the furthest from reputable that support their opinion.

We have a wonderful tool with the internet that allows us access to more actual knowledge than at any other time in history. More and more though people are getting the facts from sites that are not so focused on giving actual facts but manufactured facts that supported one side or anything. Facts have become this nebulous piece of goo that can be shaped into whatever the people manufacturing them want. To get to the bottom of what is fact or fiction takes a lot of work but even then people won’t listen. You have this atmosphere, whether on the left or the right, where facts are not believed because we have been conditioned to believe that some sources of facts support one side and some sources support the other. Us verses them. You have sites like The Huffington Post which go out of their way to demonize conservative news organizations and accuse them of indoctrinating their audience into believing nonsense…all the while doing the same with their audience.

I frankly have had enough. That’s not to say I have suddenly become neutral or anything because if you check out my Twitter page (@timjousma) you will see that is not the case. What I am done with is beating my head against the wall writing about topics that one, people may just dismiss out of hand simply because it disagrees with the “facts” they believe and two, writing topics for people who already believe what I believe and just simply go “Meh”.

So why I am I writing this? Well I do love to write. To be good at writing you have to do it everyday which, thanks to trying to focus on a topic that was depressing me I was simply not doing. So I have decided to change my focus to something that I think more people may enjoy.

Comic Books!

I have been a fan of comics since I was a kid watching the Super-Friends and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Saturday Morning Television. Then of course Batman came in 1989 and despite loathing Tim Burton movies, I fell in love even more. Technology caught up with comics and since the late 1990’s we’ve had more amazing comic book movies than I ever thought we would see on screen.

My main focus is going to be Marvel Comics. Not that I dislike other companies and characters or anything but simply because I am a subscriber to the amazing service that Marvel offers called Marvel Unlimited where for a monthly or yearly subscription price you get access to over 13,000 comics, including everything Star Wars related.

I will read a comic a day. If I read a graphic novel I will make that a focus of a monthly piece. I will judge the comic not only on the story but the art of the piece. Ultimately I hope to either recommend or keep you away from stories that will keep you entertained.

There is more to life than politics. Politics will not go anywhere. People with far more patience than myself will pontificate about it. In the mean time I will be enjoying my time with heroes like Spider-man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and others.